There's more to delivering a project than designing the parts. Our clear manuals guided everyone to a great result.

Fabricators, shipping companies, crane providers, customs officials, and the teams working on site. We provided almost everyone involved in the project with manuals to make the Arches of Oman happen.

Once again, our DNA Modelling worked wonders, automatically and accurately updating the manuals every time an element of the project changed. So, nothing got in the way of publishing the manuals on time.

We created manuals for:

  • hose installation
  • assembly and orientation jig (AOJ) apex module construction
  • AOJ central tower module construction
  • component and part identification plan
  • dismantling sequence
  • AOJ lift sequence
  • AOJ outer support module construction
  • AOJ support pad module
  • AOJ WEC build
  • AOJ welding procedure
  • lifting orientation to vertical
Blank Book for Manuals (With Pages)