Our next challenge was to turn complex curves on a computer screen into reality. Solving it took a keen eye and sharp thinking.

The Arches of Oman would be constructed from ‘Duplex’ – the highest grade of steel. Any errors would be expensive. How could we help the manufacturers laser-cut the steel easily and accurately?

We created flat profiles from the curved surfaces in our software. To make sure the hatches stayed attached when the surface curved, we tagged each one into the surface as a flat sheet. This also ensured each hatch formed naturally and fitted seamlessly on the surface.

Once we were happy with the surfaces, we worked hard to make life easy for the manufacturers. This called on all our skills and expertise in manufacturing geometry. We made sure the manufacturers could cut and bend the steel into the final shape. And we provided accurate tolerance figures for shrinkage and stretch when the flat profiles formed into curves.

At Generative Parametrics, we’re always thinking beyond our role and looking at the big picture. We aim to make sure everything runs smoothly for everyone.

Flattening Surfaces 3