Generative design from concept to manufacture

Generative Parametrics provides generative product design from concept to manufacture for industries worldwide. Founded in 2009, the UK-based company comprises a specialist team of in-house designers.

We aim for wow! This means we go beyond the average and push the boundaries of our work – always refining, improving and delivering exceptional designs.

  • Faster turnarounds. DNA Modelling accelerates design, enabling you to develop and launch your products faster than ever.
  • Improved efficiency. Rapid accurate designs save you time and costs, for example, by avoiding expensive rework, using fewer materials, increasing strength and reducing weight.
  • Ensured feasibility. However a product’s design might change, DNA Modelling instantly updates everything ensuring it stays manufacturing-feasible.
  • Superior results. We do whatever it takes to deliver superior products that will satisfy your customers and keep them loyal to your business.
  • What is DNA Modelling?

    What is DNA Modelling?

    DNA Modelling is our proprietary range of generative methodologies, which enables us to create and update designs much more quickly than traditional methods. Whatever your project, DNA Modelling will accelerate your turnarounds, maximise cost-efficiency and provide you with superior products.

    DNA Modelling automatically and instantly regenerates designs according to generative parameters, however those designs might change. The result? Rapidly designed and error-free products that meet your brief and budget, and are always feasible for manufacturing.

  • What does 'Generative Parametrics' mean?

    What does 'Generative Parametrics' mean?

    Nature comprises many complex systems. But these systems derive from simple rules, relationships and processes. Each combines to create the beauty of the natural world. Like nature, products can also be complex. But it’s possible to dissect a product’s geometry into rules: its unique geometric DNA.

    These rules fall into two broad categories: Generative and Parametric. Generative rules encompass a product’s environment, surroundings and manufacturing processes, for example. Parametric rules are quantifiable, encompassing dimensions, weights, volumes, or any other measurable aspect of a product’s design.

    Combining these two types of rules in a product’s structure enables us to rapidly develop and manipulate designs.

  • What do our customers think?

    What do our customers think?

    They exceed our expectations

    “Generative Parametrics is J1 Automotive’s supplier of choice in providing a superior, rapid and high-quality product design service. Our business centres on developing new products and getting them into the market as soon as possible. Generative Parametrics has consistently proven to be the ideal partner in providing concept to manufacture 3D models and drawings that far exceed our expectations. This first-class service will provide ongoing opportunities for J1 Automotive.”

    Managing Director
    J1 Automotive

    They ensure our products remain ahead of the competition

    “Using Generative Parametrics has been invaluable to the successful development of our products. The high-level mechanical design service they provide and fresh viewpoints they offer, allow us to push our products forward into market-leading territories. They continue to work alongside our company to ensure our products remain ahead of the competition.”

    Managing Director
    Edge Energy

    They provide a high level of design solutions

    “Generative Parametrics has consistently provided a high level of design solutions and applications that satisfy and exceed our business needs and expectations. The professional expertise and competence is highly commendable with a customer service that is personal, efficient and cannot be faulted.”

    Head AIS Design & Development
    MAHLE filter Systems Ltd
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