Accelerating results

New competitors, technologies and regulations are compelling manufacturers to launch new products faster than ever.

We have over 30 years’ experience providing design services to global automotive companies, manufacturers and suppliers. In this time, we have powered thousands of successful projects, including design of ducts, splitters, bumpers, air-induction systems, engine covers and everything in between.

Whatever your project’s stage – from concept to manufacture – we can keep you on schedule with production-ready designs. DNA Modelling, our proprietary generative methodologies, instantly creates and updates designs in line with geometric rules. So you receive manufacture-feasible results much more quickly than traditional design methods.

  • Manufacturing feasibility
    Duct Clipping Geometry 4

    Manufacturing feasibility

    • Manufacture-ready components
    • Mature part development for final design or quotations
    • Rapid turnaround on components through Power Modelling methodologies
    • Complex features parametrically designed for easy development
  • Packaging considerations
    Air Induction

    Packaging considerations

    • Hardware capabilities for even the most complex 3D package data
    • Design changes on varying degrees of existing package data
    • Smooth and efficient design implementation
    • Parametric modelling changes parts instantly if surrounding components have been re-designed
  • A-surface diligence
    Automotive Manifold 21

    A-surface diligence

    • Vast knowledge of OEM A-surface considerations
    • We work closely with top tooling suppliers to ensure designs are completed in the most tool-efficient way without affecting the A-surfaces
    • Skilled in-house designers consider manufacturing and tooling issues even before designing the parts
    • We can save you time by reducing overall development stages
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