Shaping your vision

To help bring your product to life and understand its characteristics, we can provide you with 3D animations, photorealistic rendered imagery, and other media.

Full range of visualisation media

We can create:

  • photorealistic renders of products
  • motion studies
  • assembly manuals
  • supporting assembly videos
  • animations
  • immersive environments and lighting for your product renders.

Our animations can explore every aspect of a product and its function. We can also photo render each frame to create a realistic movie file. So your visualisation material resembles a physical product as much as possible, we can also choose from a vast collection of materials and lighting resources. To discuss your current or future projects, please feel free to call us on +44(0)117 462 6456 or complete our contact form.

This animation was created at Generative Parametrics Studio in Wiltshire UK using Dassault Systèmes Catia V5 and Solidworks software.

We used Catia V5 to create the component and fixture that the Kuka robot is working on. We animated the robot using Solidworks.

We constrained each joint correctly so that the robot’s sealing tip could then be presented with a guide path exported from the Catia part.

The robot model then articulated correctly based on the rules defined through the constraints.

Finally, we used Solidworks to fully render the animation using Photoview 360.

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