Designing exceptional fixtures

We have many years’ experience in fixture design for the automotive sector. We design and fully automate fixtures to ensure they perform optimally. We also strive to minimise fixture costs and improve factory floor space by creating non-handed fixtures where possible.

  • Component assembly
    Component assembly fixture

    Component assembly

    We design countless assembly fixtures for many applications, including welding, clipping, screwing, sealing, gluing and applying specialist tape.

  • Lineside checking
    Lineside checking fixture

    Lineside checking

    We design fixtures to check components and assemblies meet desired specifications. Our experience includes designing lineside checking fixtures for the automotive and product testing industries. These typically sit beside an assembly line and manufacturing machines.

  • CMM fixtures
    CMM fixtures

    CMM fixtures

    We design fixtures to work with Coordinate Measurement Machines, including accounting for measurement probe access to minimise set-up cost.

  • Compensation cooling
    Compensation cooling fixture

    Compensation cooling

    Injection moulding manufacturers sometimes discover parts have distorted after being left to cool naturally.

    Our design methodologies enable us to overcompensate the original CAD data by any parameter the injection moulding manufacturer specifies. This ensures the released part cools into its nominal state in line with the original CAD.

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