Beauty can be more than skin deep. And the Arches of Oman looks great inside and out. To shape the perfect sculpture, we started at the surface...

Mechanical and industrial parts and products aren’t well-known for their aesthetics. But for an artistic work like the Arches of Oman, looks are everything. One protruding bolt or hatch can really spoil the view.

Fortunately, we have many years’ experience working on surfaces, such as ‘a-surface’ geometry in the automotive sector. And we always consider how products will be manufactured. Our goal? To produce a sculpture that was true to Giles’ vision. But everyone knew there would be tweaks along the way.

We discussed and considered major design decisions before changing anything. We struck a balance on designing a sculpture that did Giles’ idea justice, while fine-tuning certain aspects to make manufacturing possible. This flexible approach did more than deliver a stunning sculpture. It allowed us to complete everything cost-effectively for our customer. A beautiful result all round.

Early Overlay - 10-07-14