From a small model to a stunning sculpture, the Arches of Oman now takes pride of place near Muscat's Royal Opera House.

Towering above a 25-metre wide oval pool, the Arches of Oman is as beautiful as it is imposing. Walking around the sculpture reveals constantly changing angles. Water jets create breath taking displays. Lights from the pool emphasise every twist and turn of the structure’s elegant curves.

At Generative Parametrics, we were delighted to be part of this landmark project. Attending the launch ceremony, complete with a Red Arrows flypast, was the final reward. And proof that, with lots of creative thinking, experience and expertise, anything is possible…


Vital statistics

  • Weighs 15 tonnes
  • Situated in a 25-metre wide oval pool
  • One kilometre of armoured hosing
  • 69 water jet nozzles
  • Eight tons of sculpture
  • 10 tons of assembly frame
  • Two 25-ton cranes
  • Five containers of equipment
  • Thousands of fixings
  • 12 companies working together
  • 10 transport trucks